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Office of the Diaconate

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Office of the Diaconate

Welcome to the Diocese of Oakland Deacon Webpage

Deacons are members of the clergy.  In the Catholic Church there are three orders of clergy, that of bishop, deacons, and priests.  As members of the clergy, deacons serve throughout the Diocese of Oakland in parish ministry, service ministry, liturgical ministry and can be seen in the country side, in rural and ranch ministry.  They also serve in food pantries, providing clothing for the homeless and poor, ministering in veteran’s hospitals, care homes, prisons and jails, and homes for the battered and abused. Deacons serve by speaking out for the marginalized, giving voice in the diocese against human trafficking. Deacons visit the sick and minister in hospitals.

Today we have 78 active deacons serving the bishop in ministries in the diocese.  There are 28 more deacons that are “retired” and minister on a limited basis.  Deacons have a threefold ministry of “Word” (proclaiming the Gospel), “Sacrament” (baptizing, witnessing marriages) and “Charity” (outreach to the poor)

In the Sacred Liturgy deacons assist at Mass, proclaiming the Gospel, sometimes preaching and as an ordinary minister at Eucharistic assisting the priest.  Deacons preside at funeral vigils, funeral rites without a mass, and final commendations at the gravesite.  They also preside at benedictions and give blessings.

I hope you enjoy our website and become knowledgeable about the diaconate and the deacons who serve the bishop in ministry to the People of God in the Diocese of Oakland.  

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Bishop's Representative & Director of Deacon Personnel
Rev. Mr. Tim Moore


Administrative Assistant
Jean Evans


Director of Deacon Formation
Rev. Mr. Tim Moore

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Janaan Garcia