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Living Your Strengths

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Living Your Strengths

This page is especially for Living your Strengths (LYS) coaches. Here you will find resources and information on upcoming Networking meetings

LYS Coaches Group:


Join our LYS Coaches group. It is a place for you to network, collaborate and share ideas with other coaches!

A place to share resources and best practices. Why reinvent the wheel?


Talent Assessment and Discernment

Take the Strengthfinder Talent Assessment and receive two coaching sessions.

Assess with her coach, pastor or other appropriate persons whether she has talent for coaching. Some possible signs might be:

  • Expresses a desire to be a coach.
  • Has time to be available for coaching.
  • Intuitive understanding of the nature of Strength Building.
  • Naturally and frequently talks about Signature Themes with others (Woo, Communication).
  • Able to sense the needs and emotions of others without taking responsibility for them (Empathy, Connectedness).
  • Frequently and naturally offers ideas about how Strengthfinder can be developed in the parish and is willing to help execute plans.
  • Is actively helping others understand their themes.


Successfully complete Coaches Training Level 1

Engage the Parish

Discuss the ministry of coaching with the pastor.

  • Ensure his support of this ministry through clear and regular communication.
  • Be intentional in the work of incorporating it into the Parish vision and mission.

Make a written agreement with the pastor and/or other parish leadership to ensure cooperation and clarity in the development of coaching as a parish ministry.

  • Create a ministry expectation written together and to which all parties are committed.


Create a growth path for gradual introduction to the parish such as:

  1. Coach the pastor and staff
  2. Coach leaders of ministries
  3. Coach small groups
  4. Open the ministry to people engaged in ministries of the parish
  5. Offer coaching to all members of the parish.

Choose someone in or close to the parish; pastor, staff, other coaches, parish leader or trusted friend, who will meet regularly to discuss experiences, offer support and hold accountable for reaching goals.

Personally invite parish connectors (people who know everyone), mavens (people who know everything) and salespeople (people who can carry the message successfully, to whom others listen) to be coached as an introduction to parish coaching.

At regular intervals (quarterly), evaluate progress with leadership and discern next steps.

Personal Goals Relating to the Parish

  • Set a personal goal for number of people coached in a specific time period.
  • Create or ask someone to help create a database of persons coached to track progress, arrange quarterly check-in meetings and other strength related events.
  • Create a growth path appropriate to the parish with a specific outcome such as: By (date), XX number of people will be coached and working on their talent awareness development.
  • Discern other possible coaches.

Personal Goals Related to His Development as a Coach

Be actively working on his five signature themes to develop his strengths.


  • “Strength Based Leadership”
  • “Go Put Your Strengths to Work”

Use the strengths work in “Go” in order to continue developing use of his own strengths.

Meet with his trusted advisor regularly to discuss progress with coaching, personal talent growth and obstacles or difficulties. From whom does he need help? What are his next steps toward outcomes?

Diocesan Service

  • Attend diocesan coaches meetings to receive support and offer best practices.
  • Join Yahoo Group and contribute as appropriate.
  • Coach at other parishes, meet with other staffs considering the use of Strengthsfinder as time allows.