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Mission Cooperative Plan

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Mission Cooperative Plan


Every year, all of our parishes in the Diocese of Oakland participate in the Missionary Cooperative Plan Weekend Appeal which is held during the summer months. Each parish is assigned one visiting missionary from a mission society, religious congregation, mission diocese, or a lay missionary organization so they can share stories with the parish community of their mission activities and invite us to participate with our prayers and our financial support. Donations directly assist missionaries in efforts to share the faith in various countries around the world. All funds collected, less administrative costs, are pooled and dispersed in equal shares to participating missions. 

The Diocese of Oakland is currently accepting applications for the 2020 Missionary Cooperation Plan. Organizations wishing to participate must be a recognized Catholic missionary society in good standing with the United States Society for the Propagation of the Faith serving in one or more foreign countries, or in dioceses in the United States that are designated as a missionary by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

1: Bishop Michael C. Barber and Reverend George Mockel were invited to participate in the groundbreaking ceremonies of the new Pastoral Ministry Center at the Diocese of Hai Phong.

2: Bishop Joseph Vu Van Thien of the Diocese of Hai Phong and Reverend George Mockel standing in front of the gratitude plaque on the new Pastoral Ministry Center.

3: The Propagation of the Faith has also provided financial support to the members of the Holy Cross, a community of Sisters who provide child care and catechetical formation to some of the most poverty-stricken people in Vietnam. In a recent trip, Reverend George Mockel celebrated Mass for the Sisters in their convent chapel.

4: The Diocese of Oakland Society for the Propagation of the Faith has provided financial support to the Diocese of Hai Phong in Vietnam. The Diocese of Hai Phong is constructing a Pastoral Ministry Center and a home for retired priests.

Missionary Applicants

Click on Title for the Document

DUE BYDecember 31st, 2019

1) Mission Cooperative Plan Application with Guidelines & Requirements - 2 Pages

2) Diocesan Policies & Procedures - 3 Pages

In addition to the two attached documents above, you MUST provide the following 3 documents:

• Letter of Request on letterhead requesting participation.

• Authorization Letter of Inclusion mandatory from your diocese, on your behalf.

• Copy of Page Listing of your Diocese in the Annuario Pontificio or Official Catholic Directory.

NOTE: Submitting an Application DOES NOT guarantee your participation in the 2020 Mission Cooperative Plan.

Parish Resources

These following documents are provided as additional information for the parish.

• Diocesan Policies & Procedures

• Mission Appeals Verification Form - Please Submit with Parish Collection Check

• Mission Appeal Infomation for Parishes