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Detention Ministry

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Detention Ministry


"For I was...in prison and you visited me."

Matthew 25:35-36

The mission of the Catholic Detention Ministry is to reveal God’s message of unconditional love and mercy to the people incarcerated and their families.

The Catholic Detention Ministry reveals God's message of unconditional love and mercy to people who are incarcerated in the East Bay and their families.

Detention ministers serve inmates by offering and facilitating Catholic religious services, including weekly Liturgy and Communion services, access to sacraments (Holy Mass, Reconciliation), reflections based on scripture, one-on-one or group spiritual counseling to only mention a few.

The Catholic Detention Ministry is placed under the auspices of the Office of Life and Justice in the Diocese of Oakland. Typically, each facility we serve is supported by the parishes of the deanery in which it resides, with one particular parish providing pastoral supervision.



Contact Information

Coordinator, Office for Life and Justice

Coordinator, Rachel's Vineyard Retreat 

Coordinator, CRS/CCHD 

Meg Bowerman
Coordinator, JustFaith Ministries - Volunteer

Patrick Shandonay
Coordinator, CRS Ethical Trade Ministry - Volunteer

Coordinator, Detention Ministry 

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